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Koloa Plantation Days festival, Kauai, Hawaii. Photo (c) Ron Kosen/Photospectrum.
Food Booth vendor contract
Koloa Plantation Days festival
34th Annual Parade & Park Celebration on Saturday, July 27, 2019

Mahalo for your interest in being a food vendor at this year’s Koloa Plantation Days event.

Deadline: May 29.

Please fill out the form below, or click here to print and fill in by hand.

In accordance with the terms of this agreement, the undersigned vendor contracts for booth space offered by the Koloa Plantation Days Committee (KPDC).

This is an application for review. Booth reservations are not finalized until you have received confirmation from the Food Coordinator.

Contact Name:
Mailing Address:
State:     Zip:
Home Phone:     Cell Phone:
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Foods Offered

In celebration of Koloa sugar plantation era and contributions of all the immigrant cultures, vendor’s food choice must represent a cultural group, Hawaiian, Chinese, Japanese, Okinawan, Portuguese, Korean, Filipino, Puerto Rican, and other Countries.

Food course choice is appetizer, salad, soup, main entrée, side dish and dessert. Vendors may be asked to change or adjust proposed menu choices to avoid duplications. Food Coordinator reserves the right to make final decisions. Food vendors are allowed to sell soda and water only!

Provide a detailed description of each food item you proposed to serve.
List each item separately:

Only ACCEPTED items listed on food vendors application and APPROVED by the Food Coordinator may be sold at the event. Any deviation from your menu will not be allowed. Several vendors historically maintain and are devoted to a particular food/menu item every year. No duplications of the same type of food will be permitted.

Important! KPDC is greening its event and requires all vendors to use only biodegradable service items, or bio-ware, for all food service and sampling during the entire event. Styrofoam, paper plates with shiny coating on it (covered in a petroleum based wax) and plastic bags of any kind are products not allowed at KPDC event. All food vendors or representative must attend presentation on zero waste.


Booth fee is $400 non-refundable.
Fee includes:
  • space of 10’ across x 20’ deep (under covered tent)
  • one (1) hand-washing sink (shared use)
  • three (3) 8’ tables (to be covered with cloth or appropriate table covering)
  • two (2) vehicle parking passes
  • ten (10) admittance wristbands
KPDC will have a generator available for vendors requiring electricity. Vendors must provide their own UL approved cords to reach service. No generators are allowed at KPDC event. List each appliance type, voltage (110/220), rating and wattage.

Booth requires electrical outlet ($25)
#1 Appliance Name/Type:   Amps/Volts:
#2 Appliance Name/Type:   Amps/Volts:
#3 Appliance Name/Type:   Amps/Volts:
Comments or Requests:

Cleaning fee - $25 deposit
Enclose a separate check made payable to Koloa Plantation Days. Cleaning deposit fee may be refunded if the condition of assigned booth space area is thoroughly clean, all trash and decorations removed and there is no damage. Vendor or representative must check-out with Food Coordinator prior to leaving the event.

I, the duly authorized representative of the undersigned organization, on the organization’s behalf do subscribe and agree to all terms and conditions contained in this contract. I hereby indemnify and hold harmless the Koloa Plantation Days Celebration, Board of Directors and Committee Members, for any loss or injury that may occur during the event.

Submission of this applications does not guarantee booth space.

By checking this box, you agree to the terms listed above.
To prove that you are human, how much is three plus two?:

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Joe/Paulette Grace,
Food Booth Coordinators
Ph: 634-2934
Email: food@koloaplantationdays.com

Food booth space is limited. Priority is first given to organizations and businesses in Koloa. Open booth space will be offered with an accepted application and approved menu by the Food Coordinator.

Temporary food sale permit
Food vendors to apply for a permit, for a fee, and include a detailed drawing of your booths set up, to DOH Sanitation Branch in Lihue. Exemptions will be decided by the DOH. KPDC park site plan outlining the location of food concession area and location of hand-washing sinks will be provided by the Food Coordinator to DOH.

All Food vendors or representative must attend pre event meeting on Friday July 26 at 6:00 pm.
Please be considerate of others and be on time. Meet at the food tent area. Vendors will receive a map showing your booth location, admittance wristbands, vehicle parking pass, and finalize any last minute details. KPDC will provide security overnight and throughout the event and set-up hours. Vendors are solely responsible for the safety and security of their cash, coupons, equipment, goods, inventory, supplies or any other property throughout the event.

Payments due in advance with Contract and must be received by May 30.
Vendors will be charged a $25 fee if a check is returned for any reason. Refunds will not be allowed in the event of an “Act of God”, conditions leading to the cancellation or early closure of the event.

Violators of the Conditions and Terms of this Agreement will be asked to cease operating their booth and will forfeit their fee payment. Vendor will not be allowed to participate in any future KPDC events. The KPDC committee reserves the right to make rule changes as needed that are in the best interest of the KPDC event. Your complying with the above items will help ensure a safe and successful event for everyone. Your signature confirms that you have read and understand this application and the conditions and terms listed.


Set-up will be Saturday, July 27th, at 7:00 a.m.

Vendor vehicles must enter through the vendor gate for set-up. Vehicles must be removed from the food tent area on Saturday morning by 9:00 a.m.

Vendors must operate from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. No early breakdown of booths is permitted.

Vendors are required to stay within the boundaries of contracted booth space as well as confine operations to their assigned booth space. Intrusion into the uncovered roped staked area will not be allowed.

Vendors to provide their own signs, name of vendor booth, menu and price, displayed within their assigned booth space. Vendor must provide their own trash receptacles, liners, hand soap, towels and any other items appropriate for the needs of vendors operation. KPDC will provide receptacles at event site which will be clearly marked for specific items only. Vendors must breakdown all cardboard, boxes and place it in appropriate receptacles at the event site.

KPDC will provide and set up five (5) portable sinks for washing hands only! Sinks are to be shared with neighboring vendors. No washing or rinsing of utensils, dishes, pots, pans, etc. are allowed in portable sinks and at the event site.

Two (2) propane grills per booth is allowed. Please be considerate of your neighbors in regards to smoke from grilling food. Vendors are not allowed to empty unused ice or ash from grills on park grounds.

Vendors must have a working Fire Extinguisher and easily accessible in their booths.

Vendors must provide their own containers for oil, grease, liquids and must remove their containers of oil, grease and liquids at the conclusion of the event. It is not to be disposed into receptacles at KPDC event site or the park grounds at KPDC event.


Meal coupons will be given to KPDC entertainers and volunteers to be redeem at food booths of their choice. Maximum coupon face value is $7.50. Meal coupons are not redeemable for cash or change due back if purchase is less than face value. Food vendors are solely responsible to collect meal coupons, write vendors name on back of coupons, total amount of your meal coupons collected and redeem meal coupons after the event is over at the Silent Auction booth for reimbursement.

Koloa Plantation Days Vendor Admittance Policy

The Koloa Plantation Days Committee will be instituting a three dollar ($3.00) admittance fee for all persons over 12 years of age. This fee will help the Koloa Plantation Days Committee to defray some of the cost associated with this annual community celebration.

Food Vendors: All food vendors will be given ten (10) wrist bands for their workers for entry into the event. All others must pay the $3 entry fee.
Craft Vendors: All craft vendors will be allotted three (3) wrist bands for their workers, plus one (1) parking pass to be displayed in the vehicle at all times. All others must pay the $3 entry fee.
Game Vendors: The game vendors will be allotted six (6) wrist bands per game booth, for entry into the event for their workers. All others must pay the $3 entry fee.

All Vendors/Workers must enter the park through the vendor gate located on the Kapaa side of the Koloa Ball Park. The wrist bands must be worn and presented at that time for entry. The entrant must wear the wrist band for re-entry into the park.

Food, Craft and Game Vendors workers in excess of the allotted number will have to pay the two dollar ($2.00) entry fee and may enter through gate entries as the general public.

SET UP: All vendor vehicles must enter through the vendor gate for set up. All vehicles must be removed from the area by 9 AM.

REMINDER: Craft vendors are not allowed to sell food or water. Food vendors are not allowed to sell items not listed on their application form. Violators of this provision will not be invited back to participate next year, and will be asked to stop selling those items during the event.

Vendors must operate until 5:00pm; no early breakdown of booths is permitted.

Thank you for your cooperation!